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Article: The Art of Tartan: Decorating Your Home

The Art of Tartan: Decorating Your Home

Tartan, a timeless symbol of heritage and style, has long been a staple in fashion and home decor. At The Tartan Label, our mission is to blend this traditional design with modern sustainability, crafting wool blankets that not only add elegance to your home but also support our planet.

The Timeless Appeal of Tartan

Tartan patterns have a unique way of bringing warmth, colour, and a sense of history into any living space. From the classic plaids of Scotland to the innovative designs of today, tartan blankets are more than just a cosy accessory; they're a statement piece.

Sustainability at Its Core

In line with our mission, each of our tartan wool blankets is made from 100% recycled materials, ensuring that your home decor choices are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.

Decorating with Tartan Wool Blankets

The Living Room: A Cosy Transformation

In the living room, a tartan wool blanket can transform a simple couch or armchair into an inviting, stylish spot. For instance, our Jacob Tartan Blanket brings a rustic charm, perfect for those who appreciate a more traditional aesthetic.

Jacob wool tartan blanket

Bedroom Elegance

Move over, dull duvets! A tartan blanket, like the Stewart Muted Blue, draped over your bed adds a touch of sophistication and comfort, inviting a peaceful night's sleep.

Stewart muted blue tartan blanket

Dining in Style

Even your dining room can benefit from the touch of tartan. Use our Bannockbane Silver Blanket as a unique tablecloth or a chic chair cover for that special dinner party.

bannockbane silver tartan wool blanket

Choosing the Perfect Tartan

The Colour Palette: Reflecting Your Style

When selecting a tartan blanket, consider the colour scheme of your room. Do you prefer warm, earthy tones or cool, serene hues? Our range includes a variety of colour palettes to suit every taste.

Patterns That Speak to You

Each tartan pattern tells a story. From the bold lines of Royal Stewart to the understated elegance of Black Watch, choose a design that resonates with your personal style and home's character.

Why Choose The Tartan Label?

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Our blankets are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. We believe in fashion that is responsible, ethical, and environmentally friendly.

black watch tartan wool blanket

An Accessory for Every Season

Our collection includes both classic and seasonal designs, ensuring that your home stays stylish all year round. Whether it’s the light hues of spring or the rich tones of autumn, our tartan blankets cater to every season.

Where to Buy Our Decorative Tartan Blankets

Easy Online Shopping Experience

Discover our full range of tartan wool blankets on our website, The Tartan Label. With just a few clicks, you can bring the elegance and tradition of tartan into your home.

Personalised Customer Service

Need help choosing the perfect blanket? Our customer service team is passionate about helping you find the ideal tartan that suits your style and home decor needs.


Tartan wool blankets from The Tartan Label are more than just decorative blankets; they are a fusion of tradition, style, and sustainability. Transform your home with our beautiful, eco-friendly tartan blankets and join us in our mission to revolutionise the fashion industry with responsible and innovative choices.

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