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Our Wool


At The Tartan Label, our commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in our production process. Our wool is combined with mixed fibres that were once destined for landfills in India. This method not only saves these materials from unnecessary waste but also enhances the strength and durability of our blankets. The blended fibres intertwine with the preloved wool, creating a material that is significantly stronger and built to last. Each blanket we produce saves on average 5-7 garments from ending up as waste. This means that with every Tartan Label blanket you purchase, you're not only investing in quality and comfort but also actively contributing to waste reduction and a more sustainable world.

Easy to Clean

Recycled wool is so easy to clean! Simply put it in your washing machine on ‘wool wash’ at 30’C with a gentle detergent. For more information please view our complete care guide.

Eco friendly

Wool is naturally sustainable as it decomposes into the soil releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth. By saving items from landfill we are helping to reduce the textile waste impact on the planet.

Better Sleep

Wool is a remarkable material that helps to regulate your body temperature keeping it in the ‘thermal comfort zone’ for longer, encouraging a more restful and better quality of sleep.


Recycled wool is a fantastic, sustainable alternative to virgin wool. Maintaining the same high-quality attributes, it offers a fuzzy, cosy, and dense texture that provides warmth, and comfort.


A composition of 75% recycled wool and 25% recycled blended fibres creates a highly sustainable and eco-friendly textile material that doesn't compromise on quality.

Recycled Wool Matters

Compared to virgin wool. Each kilogram of recycled wool saves 11kg of CO2 and 500 litres of water, lowers energy use, and reduces chemicals, making recycled wool an environmentally friendly alternative.


What sets our scarves apart is not just their aesthetic appeal crafted by skillful women from South Africa's rural tribes, but their sustainable journey. Dyed with acetic acid, or vinegar, the process benefits from the proximity to the sea, utilizing seashell-enriched soil to neutralize acid and alkali, resulting in eco-friendly, planet-nourishing practices. The yarn, embodying the essence of the South African landscape, is naturally dried outdoors, harmoniously blended with merino wool for a luxurious finish.
Choosing our mohair scarves means embracing a story of tradition, sustainability, and empowering craftsmanship. It's not just a scarf; it's a purposeful narrative woven with passion.


Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with our handcrafted Mohair wool. Meticulously crafted from the finest Mohair, this accessory exudes opulence. The artful frayed edging adds a touch of relaxed sophistication, making it a statement piece that seamlessly combines comfort with a lavish aesthetic. Elevate your style with the ultimate in luxurious warmth and elegance.


Experience unparalleled comfort with our mohair wool. The hollow fibres of mohair provide instant warmth upon contact with the skin, creating a cosy embrace. This breathable fabric ensures a comfortable wear, while its natural ability to repel dirt and resist odours guarantees lasting freshness. Embrace the unparalleled softness and richness of this must-have wardrobe essential.


Our Mohair wool scarves, meticulously crafted by women from South Africa's rural tribes. Each scarf is a unique masterpiece, brushed to perfection to achieve a soft fluffy feel. Finished with delicate fringing before leaving the mill, these scarves effortlessly marry style with durability. Embrace and elevate your accessory collection with a touch of artisanal excellence.